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Empowerment for women


We welcome enquiries from organisation’s that help women to rebuild their lives and women who feel like they have lost charge over their lives.  We want to help women move forward with confidence and provide direction for those who may be rebuilding their lives from trauma, abuse, depression, sexual exploitation, depression, jail or homelessness.  


Interacting with our horses will allow people to take empowered action, try new behaviours and connect with their inner selves again.  Horses are always honest and give immediate feedback. They do not judge and they have no hidden agenda. They work with us to push ourselves to a new found level of being congruent and confident in our abilities.  


What you will learn is important, but perhaps more importantly is you will remember a experience that will live with you for a lifetime, one that you won’t necessarily experience in a classroom or consultation room.


By working with their teachers, our horses, women will build strong, solid skills that they can draw upon when they are faced with choices in everyday life. Every learning style; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, has been taken into account in the development of this course so that all women are learning in the best way possible for THEM. 


Each woman can learn:


·         Forceful actions do not equal movement in the direction intended.

·         The powerful force of looking forward, rather than looking back to the past.

·         Building relationships.

·         Experience acceptance.

·         Exploring metaphoric barriers and exploring solutions to overcome them.

·         Opportunity to be creative and innovative.

·         Developing decision making skills.

·         Experiment working outside of their comfort zone.

·         Develop patience step by step.

·         Working as a team.

·         Developing courage and confidence. 

·         Discover the importance of vision.

·         Develop leadership skills.

·         Practice non-verbal communication skills.

·         Have fun!


Please contact us to find out more.